Constance Warren Desaulniers


Connie Desaulniers specializes in acrylic painting on canvas, and often combines other media – such as clay, glass, mirrors and mosaic – for a 3-dimensional effect.  Most of her work is inspired by personal experience and an unusual imagination, with results ranging from vibrant realism to fervent fantasy.  


A 1975 graduate of William and Mary with a B.A. in Fine Arts, Connie spent the next 28 years focusing on a marketing career that started at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg and culminated with her own business, By Design Marketing and Promotions.  During that time, painting was both a hobby and a passion, and she developed a body of work that enabled her to have a successful show at the gallery of renowned artist Nancy Thomas in Yorktown, Virginia in 1999. 


In 2003, she decided to focus on creating art for a living.  After progressively resigning marketing clients, she began painting full time in May 2005.    She now has approximately 75 collectors of her work, located from New York City to Kauai, Hawaii.


One Woman Shows:

·         Ganache Hill Gallery, Williamsburg, VA; April 2004, November 2004, April 2005, November 2005, May 2006, October 2006

·         The Trellis Restaurant, Williamsburg, VA; March – June 2003



·         Charles Taylor Arts Center, Hampton, VA; March 2006, September 2006

·         This Century Gallery, Williamsburg, VA; November 2004

·         Nancy Thomas Gallery, Yorktown, VA; February 1999


Corporate and Public Collections:

·         The College of William and Mary Alumni Association, Williamsburg, VA

·         Wachovia Securities, Williamsburg, VA

·         Wachovia Securities, Jacksonville, FL


Commissions and Special Projects:

·         Earthbound Farms (largest organic produce company in the country) purchased the rights to use the image, “Over the Rainbow” (a painting of the Earthbound Farm location in Carmel, CA), on select merchandise

·         Selected to participate in the Williamsburg Symphonia’s “Art of Music”, featuring violins painted by local artists; created a three-dimensional scene from “Carnival of the Animals.”

·         Created “Harmony”, a painting to be used by the Williamsburg Symphonia for programs, mailings and a cookbook

·         Commissioned to paint the 2005 Christmas card for the Trellis Restaurant in Williamsburg, VA