The subject matter for Philip Hazardís paintings and prints stem from personal obsessions, idealized pop culture, urban decay and ready-made found materials.  Hazard describes his work as "mixed media painting combined with collage, assemblage and neon". 


Philip Hazard lived in New York City for over 27 years, being inspired by the energized and gritty sides of a big city aesthetic.  Hazardís age and diverse personal life experiences make it difficult to consciously reference the exact choices of his content and subject matter, consequently his decisions remain subjective and intuitive.


Hazard combines and layers oil and acrylic paint, photographic silkscreen, mixed media collage and assemblage on canvas to explore the larger context of the relationship between disparate images and their dialogue.  Neon is often included in his work.


Hazardís artwork has been exhibited nationally and internationally.  Mr. Hazard's artwork has been published in many books and magazines, including the books Tools as Art, Contemporary Neon and the Japanese magazine Pronto. His artwork is included in many public and private collections including the National Building Museum in Washington DC and the US Embassy in Katmandu Nepal


Philip Hazard also has a background in film and theatre.  Hazard has written and directed films that have been screened at the Ann Arbor Film Festival and on public television.  Hazardís The Spider Sisters, shot in New York Cityís east village was declared Cult Hit at the 1993 Arizona International Film Festival.  His television film Loco Vida was partially funded with grants from the Tucson Pima Arts Council and The Tucson Community Cable Corporation.


Two plays written by Hazard have been produced Off-Off Broadway in New York CityTake Off Your Sunglasses at the New York Theatre Ensemble and No Brakes at The American Renaissance Theatre.


Hazard received his Master of Fine Arts degree from Bowling Green State University in 2007.  He has a B.A. from the University of Toledo in Film and Design.  He studied screenwriting and film directing at New York University Film School.


After a long career in the neon sign industry in New York City, Mr. Hazard now teaches in the Midwest, painting at Bowling Green State University and drawing at Owens Community College.  


Hazard currently bounces between his homes in Toledo Ohio and Callicoon New York.


Selected Solo & Group Art Exhibitions: 


ADAMS NATIONAL BANK   Washington, DC 1989 

AMERICAN GALLERY   Sylvania, Ohio 1999-2009 

ARTSPACE/LIMA   Lima, Ohio 1989-1995 

ASYLUM GALLERY   Chicago, Illinois 1996 

BANK OF OKLAHOMA TOWER   Tulsa, Oklahoma 1987 

CENTORIAL GALERIA DE ARTE   Buenos Aires, Argentina 1990 

CONTENTS GALLERY   Tucson, Arizona 1992 

CURRENTS GALLERY   Bowling Green, Ohio 1988 

THE DAIRY BARN   Athens, Ohio 1989 

DEBORAH HUDGINS FINE ART   Santa Fe, New Mexico 1996


EDISON COMMUNITY COLLEGE   Fort Myers, Florida 2002 

EKSTRAND GALLERY   Stockholm  Sweden 1980 

ETHERTON-STERN GALLERY   Tucson, Arizona 1992 

FLATLANDERS ART GALLERIES   Blissfield, Michigan  2008

KREHER BAUMGARTE GALLERY   Berlin, Germany 1981 

LEE COUNTY ALLIANCE OF THE ARTS   Fort Meyers, Florida   1996 

MANSFIELD ART CENTER   Mansfield, Ohio 1997 

MICHAEL PEREZ POP ART GALLERY   New York, New York 2002-2003 

MONTGOMERY MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS   Montgomery, Alabama 1987 

MUSEUM OF NEON ART    Los Angeles, California 1987 

NATIONAL BUILDING MUSEUM    Washington, DC   1989 

NEO NEON GALLERY    New York, New York 1986-1989 

OLD PUEBLO MUSEUM    Tucson, Arizona 1992

PARKWOOD GALLERY   Toledo, Ohio  2008

PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS PLACE   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   1987 

PONTIAC ARTS CENTER   Pontiac, Michigan 1987 

PUFFIN ROOM GALLERY   New York, New York 2004 


SHERMAN FINE ART GALLERY   Chicago, Illinois 2000

SPACE 237   Toledo, Ohio  2007 - 2009 


TOLEDO MUSEUM OF ART   Toledo, Ohio 1996 

TWENTY NORTH GALLERY   Toledo, Ohio 1997 

VIVA GALLERY   Captiva Island, Florida 1999-2001 

ZENITH GALLERY   Washington, DC 1988-2009