jodi artist; a manual laborer, a creator of beautiful objects

Objective: to create unlimited lengths and heights of imagery.

jodi left her native country of Canada in 1967 for the Far East and Europe, a move that would influence her life and work forever. She moved to the United States in 1978 and while art has always been a part of her life she first began to emerge as a serious artist in 1995.
Although jodi has received private training, she has never studied painting at an academic institution. This has allowed her the independence and freedom to develop her own style. In 1997 she completed a two-year study course under Reohn Zeleznik and Johnny Corlett in Houston, Texas
Using environmentally safe materials to create her textures is as important to jodi as the images she creates. Capturing the colours and textures she experienced while living in Taiwan, Thailand, Bangladesh, Africa and Europe on canvas and wood is a joy to her and she hopes to others.

Currently represented by Zenith Gallery, Washington DC

November 2005 – Black Rock Art Center, Germantown, MD
April 2005 – APEX Gallery – Group Show
June 2004 - Gallery 43, Atlanta GA
March 2004 – Artexpo, New York
March 2003 – Cast Iron Gallery, Soho, New York
September 2002 - International Artist’s, Cast Iron Gallery, Soho, New York
September 2002 – Zenith Gallery, Washington, DC. Installation of art panels, 6’ x 10’
June 2002 – Logo for Independent Action, Washington DC, 4FrontSecurity, Reston, VA
June 2002 - “The Potter & The Painter”, Artists’ Museum, Washington DC
March 2002 - Artexpo New York
May 2001 - Gallery A, R Street, Washington, DC
May 2000 - Artists’ Museum, Washington, DC
May 1999 - Artists’ Museum, Washington, DC
1998 – Tea Party Exhibition, Strathmore Hall, Rockville, MD
1997 - The Dessert Gallery, Houston, TX