1991  Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture

              Skowhegan, Maine

     1987  Masters of Fine Arts

              The George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

     1983  Bachelors of Fine Arts, Columbus College of Art and Design

              Columbus, Ohio



      2004  Honorable Mention, Faux Easier Tape Contest, 3M

      2000  Corcoran Faculty Development Fund, Salon 2000, London

      1999  Corcoran Faculty Development Fund,  Salon 1999 Sweden

      1996  Individual Artist Project Grant, Arlington County, VA

      1991  Skowhegan Fellowship

      1987  Robert N. Alfondre Prize in Drawing, GWU

      1985-86  George Washington University Fellowship, GWU

      1985  Morris M. Aein Memorial Prize, GWU



      1996  The Hambidge Center of Arts and Sciences, Rabun Gap, GA

      1992-93  The Griffis Art Center, New london, CT

      1993  The Hambidge Center for Arts and Sciences



      2008  Victor DeMassi, Designer Faux Finishes:  Ideas and Inspiration for Sophisticated Surfaces

                (Beverly, MA:  Quarry Books, 2008), pp. 59-60

      2002  The Washington Post Magazine, "Creature Feature", March 31, 2002, pg. 31

      1995  Pete Hamill, Tools as Art:  The Hechinger Collection

                (New York:  Harry N. Abrams Inc., 1995), pg. 124

      1995  Tysons Corner Center; Treasures, Pleasures and Happy Endings

                Childrens Book, illustrated by Patrick Kirwin



      1994 - Present  The Art league, Alexandria, VA

                Teaching Linear Perspective, Decorative Painting, Trompe L'oeil Painting, Mural Painting,  

                Photo Realism, Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting, Childrens' Classes, Painting for "At Risk" Teens


      1994-04  The Smithsonian Associates, The Smithsonian Institution, Wash., D.C.

                Decorative Painting, Floor Cloth Painting, Trompe L'oeil Painting, Marbling, Wood


      1998-01  The Corcoran College of Art and Design, Wash., D.C.

                Studio Painting Classes in Trompe L'oeil, Representationalism


                VISITING TEACHER

      2010   The Paint Factory Studio, Orlando

      2005 & 06  Svendborg, Denmark:  2 classes of a 6 part series on Trompe L'oeil

      2005 & 06  Dundean Studio, Chatham, NJ

      2004 & 05  NIMETO, Utrecht, Netherlands

      2001, 03 &04  North American Schoool of Decorative Art, Chicago, Ill.

      1999   Palm Fine Arts, Norrkoping, Sweden

      1999   Institut Superieur De Peinture Decorative De Paris, Paris, France



     2002  Smithsonian Associates:  "MAGIC AND MEANING IN TROMPE L'OEIL ART"  studio visit,

              lecture and exhibition of Trompe l'oeil Painting, Alexandria, VA

     2002  Mazza Colection of Art from Childrens' Books, University of Findlay, Findlay, OH,

              Mid Atlantic Summer Study Tour, lecture and exhibition, Alexandria, VA



     2011   "Realism...Believe", Art DC Gallery, Hyattsville, MD, group show

               "Patron Show", The Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, VA

               "Faculty and Student Exhibit", The Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, VA

     2010   "Faculty and Student Exhibit",  The Art League Gallery, National Harbor, MD, group show

               "Patron Show", The Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, VA, group show

     2009   "Faculty and Student Exhibit", The Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, VA

               "Patron Show", The Torpedo Factory 

     2008   "Faculty and Student Exhibit

               "Patron SHow", The Torpedo Factory

     2007   "Faculty and Student Exhibit, The Torpedo Factory

     2006   "Salon 06:  Trompe L'oeil", Escher in the Palace Museum, Den Hague, Netherlands

                group show

               "Faculty and Student Exhibit", The Torpedo Factory

     2005   "Holiday Show", Dega Gallery, Mclean, VA  group show

               "Faculty and Student Exhibit", The Torpedo Factory

     2004   "The Patron's Show", Exhibit and Fundraising Auction, The Art League, group show

               "Of Small Things", Dega Gallery, group show

                "Faculty and Student Exhibit", The Art league

     2003   "Trompe L'oeil:  Patrick Kirwin", The Kevin Butler Galley, Martha's Vineyard,

                solo show

                "Art Invitational", American Association for the Advancement of Science, 

                Wash., D. C., group show

    2002    "Secrets of the Real (Or Faking It)"  Dega Gallery, two person show

               "Faculty and Student Exhibit", The Art league

    2001    "Pfizer Exhibit", Lyme Academy of Art, Lyme, CT, group show

               "Faculty and Student Exhibit", The Art league

    2000    "Dedicated to Art", Corcoran Faculty Exhibition, Corcoran Museum of Art,

                Wash., D.C.

               "Looking Back, Moving Forward", Elipse Art Center, Arlington, VA

               "Faculty and Student Exhibit", The Art League

    1999    "Faculty and Student Exhibit", The Art League

    1998    "Skowhegan:  The Last Ten Years", The David Beitzel Gallery, NY, NY, group show

               "Hambidge", King Plow Arts Center, Atlanta, GA, group show

               "Arlington Arts Center Fundraising Auction", Arlington Ats Center, group show

               "The Mazza Collection", fundraising Auction, University of Findlay, Findlay, OH   

               fundraising Auction, group show

               "Reality Check:  Trompe L'oeil Illusions", Arlington Arts Center, group show

               "The Eyes Have It:  International Trompe L'oeil", The Atheneum, Alexandria, VA,

               group show, curated by Patrick Kirwin

               "Come Out and Play", WPA/Corcoran & A Salon, Wash., D.C., group show

              "Faculty and Student Exhibit", The Art league

   1997    "GWU Alumni Invitational", The Artists Museum, Washingotn D.C., group show

              "Grisaille", Installation, The house of Bendhor Le Fay, Den Hague, Netherlands

              "Faculty and Student Exhibit", The Art league

              "Uptown Bakery Mural Project", Exterior Mural, The Uptown Bakery, 3741

               Washington, Blvd, Arlington, VA   Partially funded with a grant from Arlington County

               "Arlington Showcase IV", Elipse Art Center, Arlington, VA  group show

               "Trompe L'oeil Painting", The Atheneum, group show

               "Faculty and Student Exhibit", The Art League

               "The Patron's Show",  Exhibit and fundraising Auction, The Art League, group show

               "Treasures, Pleasures and Happy Endings", Installation of 60 banner paintings,

               Tysons Corner Center Mall, Mclean, VA.  Spring and Summer Installation,

               1995, 96 & 97

   1995     "Hot", K & E Gallery, NY, NY, group show

               "Trompe L'oeil:  Masters of Illusion", Spruill Center for the Arts, Atlanta, GA, group


               "Trompe L'oeil Tableau", Installation, Idle Time Books, Wash., D.C.

   1994     "Atmospheric Specialist",  Painting Installation, Arlington Public Library, Arlington, VA

               "Hayseed", Alley Cat Gallery, NY, NY, solo show

               "Salon DE La  Bonne Chance", group exhibit and fundraiser, The Hambidge Center

   1993     "Artist's at Work", exhibit and painting demonstration, Florence Griswold Museum, Old

                Lyme, CT, solo show

               "Summer Salon", Ellipse Art Center, group show

               "Griffis Art Center Residents' Exhibit", Goldsmith Gallery, Madison, CT, group show




   2011    Salon, Atlanta, Georgia, exhibited and led a group mural.

   2010    Salon, Versaille, France, exhibited and led a group mural.

   2009    Salon, Bergamo, Italy, exhibited.

   2008    Salon, Aarhus, Denmark.  exhibited and led a group mural.

   2007    Salon, Chicago, IL, exhibited and led a group mural.  

   2006    Salon, Utrecht & Den Hague, Netherlands, exhibited and led a group mural.        

   2005    Salon, Philadelphia, PA,  exhibited and led a group mural project.

   2004    Salon, Oslo, Norway, exhibited and demonstrated painting fabrics.

   2003    Salon, Brugge, Belgium, exhitited and demonstrated.

   2002    Salon, San Antonio, TX, exhibited and demonstrated.

   2001    Salon, Paris, France, exhibited and demonstrated.

   2000    Salon, London, UK, exhibited and demonstrated.

   1999    Salon, Norrkoping, Sweden, exhibited and demonstrated.

   1998    Salon, Alexandria, VA, I hosted the Salon at the Art League, Alexandria, VA.

   1997    Salon, Utrecht, Netherlands, exhibited and demonstrated.

   1996    Salon, Quimiac, France, The first Salon, attended.


   1996    Founding Participant, "International Salon of Decorative Painters".   This is an annual meeting

              of international decorative painters working in murals, Trompe L'oeil, graining/marbling,

              scagliola, finishes, gilding, demonstrate, exhibit and exchange ideas.