Ted Kliman




MFA – Maryland Institute, College of Art

BA – Pennsylvania State University




2007 – Harmony Hall Regional Center, Ft. Washington, MD (one-person)

2006 – Atrium, U.S.District Courthouse, Greenbelt, MD (one-person; 55paintings, drawings, and prints)

2005 –  WSSC Gallery, Laurel, MD (one-person)

2004 – World Arts Focus Gallery, Mt. Rainier, MD

2004 – Tour & Exhibition, Ted Kliman’s Studio, Sponsored by City of Greenbelt, MD

2003 – Davies Memorial Unitarian Universalist Church

2002 – Metropolitan Memorial Methodist Church – (one-person) 

2001 – Paint Branch Unitarian Universalist – (one-person) 

2001 – Marlboro Gallery, Prince George's College, Largo, MD (one-person)

2001 – Light of the Word Gallery – Chicago, Il. (one-person)

2001 – Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC (one-person)

2000 – Greenbelt Arts Center, Greenbelt, MD – "Martyrology: The Passion and

Dance of Death" (one-person)

1999 – Light of the Word Gallery, Chicago, IL (one-person)

1999 – Washington Theological Union, Washington, DC

1998 – Fraser Gallery/Georgetown, Washington, DC (one-person)

1997 – Fraser Gallery/Georgetown, Washington, DC (group)

1997 – B'nai B'rith Nat'l Jewish Museum, Washington, DC (group)

1996 – Luther College, Decorah,IA - (one-person)  

1996 – Northern Virginia JCC (small group show)

1995 – Parlor Gallery - Baltimore, MD (one-person)

1994 – Sinclair College, Dayton, OH – "Lamentations" (one-person)

1994 – Atlantic Comm. College, Mays Landing, NJ (one-person)

1993 – Baltimore JCC, Baltimore, MD – Ted Kliman Retrospective

1993 – Capital U. “Contemporary Works of Faith”

1993 – Parlor Gallery, Baltimore, MD (one-person)

1993 – JCCT, Norfolk, VA –"Jewish Images in Modern Art"(one-person)

1990 – Parlor Gallery, Baltimore, MD – "Sacred Symbols"

1990 – Shoshana Gallery, New City, NY (one-person)

1989 – DeMatteis Gallery, Annapolis, MD (one-person)

1989 – Chameleon Gallery, Baltimore, MD

1988 – Chameleon Gallery, Baltimore, MD

1987 – Shepard Gallery, Ellicott City, MD

1985 – Mt. Royal Graduate School of Painting (Maryland Institute) – 10th Anniversary Exhibition

1984 – Hood College Invitational, Frederick, MD (Eight selected artists, NYC; Washington, DC)

1984 – J. Christensen Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT

1983 – Washington County Museum of Fine Arts (summer-long, one-person exhibition)

1983 – Phoenix II Gallery, Washington, DC (one-person)

1983 – Phoenix II Gallery, Washington, DC - "Small Works by  Forty-Two Artists”

(Exhibited with Willem DeKooning,  Alice Neel, among others)

1983 – Rodger LaPelle Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

1982 – Hood College, Frederick, MD (Artists of Phoenix II)

1982 – Phoenix II Gallery, Washington, DC – "Emerging Artists"

1980 – School 33 Gallery, Baltimore, MD (one-person)

1980 – Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, MD




Zimmerlee Art Museum - Rutgers University, NJ


Original paintings, drawings & prints in approximately 200 private collections.




"The Challenge of Drawing" - College textbook published by Prentice-Hall,  authored by

artist Alexander Russo, with discussion of Ted Kliman's painting style, illustrations.




Pioneer Press, Chicago’s North Shore: “Ted Kliman’s Lamentations at Light of the Word Gallery

voted ‘Best Show of 1999.’"


Published Comments


“These are texts without words, caught between the realms of the natural and the preternatural.”

Ori Soltes, Director, Nat’l Jewish Museum


"The movement in the draperies on Kliman's canvases give expression to life.

– Robert Preszler (Museum curator)


“His skill as a draftsman and deep understanding of light and shade allows him to convey profound

emotion through dramatic gesture and the restrained use of color.”

– Deborah Sokolove, Curator, Dadian Gallery, Wash., DC


“Influenced by the intuitive methods of the Surrealists and the formal compositions of the Renaissance,

Kliman is known locally and nationally for his poetic, figurative paintings in which the body is

suggested by the contours of drapery.  His work which speaks to the universality of suffering integrates

Christian symbolism as well as that of Kliman’s own Jewish heritage.”

            – Nicole DeWald, Greenbelt Arts Coordinator


“You have done what many artists of this century have been unable to do: you have named a                           community for the alienated twentieth-century person.”

– The Rev. Norene Smith, Luther College


“You are a genius, and you have a gift. … You are great, and I don’t mean that the way it is often said.

You shouldn’t sit down with ordinary people.”

–         Marlena Thompson, Gallery Director, Critic, Educator




2002-2003 – Artist-in-Residence, Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC.   

1979-1980 - Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Art, Morgan State Univ., Baltimore, MD