Glenn Moreton


Glenn Moreton is a realist painter of contemporary cityscapes. His paintings have appeared in galleries in New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington, DC. His work also has been seen in Moscow, where one of his works was selected by curators of Russia's State Tretyakov Gallery in its first show of American artists.

     The painter has been a winner of numerous national competitions. The Allied Artists of America has exhibited Moreton's work at the National Arts Club in New York City, and the Knickerbocker Artists has shown his work at the Salamagundi Club, also in Manhattan. Most recently, his work was selected by Neal Benezra, curator of the Smithsonian's Hirshhorn Museum to appear in a solo show at the Arts Club of Washington. Among his other honors, the artist has received the Elsie Ject-Key Memorial Award. This was the highest cash award among the awards presented by the addition; his work has been featured in a variety of articles and books. Rockport Press has published Landscape Inspirations, and The Best of Acrylic Painting, both of which devoted several pages to Moreton's work.

The painter received his academic art training in the fields of industrial design and architecture, and the influence of these disciplines is apparent in his work. This academic training is visible in his techniques; such as his accurate renderings also obviously affect his selection of subject elements (e.g. buildings, automobiles, graphics components).

     Though Moreton's work has been categorized as "Photorealist" the artist calls himself a "contemporary realist." His work does share many of the qualities of the photorealists of the 1970's, yet Moreton’s work has a focus and emphasis that differs from the artists of that period. In fact, the artist began developing his detailed realist cityscapes, quite unaware, and quite independently, of the photorealist movement.

     One might refer to Moreton as a “photorealist with feeling.” Typical photorealists of that earlier era caught the eye with meticulous details, sharp renderings, glossy reflections and created eye-catching coolly objective paintings. Moreton continues this tradition of carefully rendering with precise technical skills, but his work has more accessibility-more warmth. Rather than looking at somewhat alienating urban scenes, the viewer of this particular painter’s work sees city environments that are satisfying and slightly enticing. Much of this effect is the result of Moreton’s attempt to create a pleasing visual harmony in an exciting, carefully balanced composition. In fact, Moreton’s chief preoccupation in his paintings is composition. Like traditional photorealists, Moreton takes photographs, which provide him with detailed information from which to work, yet his paintings are not mere reproductions of his photographs. He alters, rearranges, distorts, removes, and simplifies design elements according to the needs of his composition. His work is also unique because of his obvious fascination with visual rhythms.





1999    1999      The Arts Club of Washington.   Washington, D.C. “Urban Reflections.” Solo Show.


1996   “Expedition: American Rivers.”  Traveling exhibition touring U.S., 1996-1997.  Organized by 

             Sherry French Gallery. New York City.                                                                                     


1995   1995       Sherry French Gallery. New York City.  “Small Sizes, Precious Pieces.” Group Show.


1994    National Society  of Painters in Casein and Acrylic.  41st. Annual Exhibition.  National Arts Club.          

            New York City.  Juried exhibition.


1990      1990        Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow.  Juried exhibition. 


1989      1989        Lotos Club.  New York City.  Group show.


1989    National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic.  36th Annual Exhibition.  National Arts Club.

            New York City.  Juried exhibition.


1989     1989       Gallery Henoch. New York City.  New York. City by Day/City by Night.” Group show.


1988    1988      Touchstone Gallery. Washington ,D.C. Group show.


1988     1988       Gallery Henoch.  New York City.  “Gallery Henoch Introduces Eleven Artists.” Group show.


1988    1988      Strathmore Hall Arts Center. Bethesda, Maryland.  “Urban Landscapes.”  Juried exhibition.


1988   Roger LaPelle Gallery.  Philadelphia.  Group show.


1987    1987      Foxhall Gallery.  Washington, D.C.  Three  person show.


1987   Knickerbocker Artists.   37th Annual Exhibition. Salmagundi Club.  New York City.  Juried



1987    1987      Touchstone Gallery.  Washington, D.C.  Two  person show.


1987    1987      Touchstone Gallery.  Washington, D.C.  Group show.


1987    1987      Artists Equity Exhibition:  “Focus on  Realism.”  The art Barn. Washington, D. C. Juried



1986   Allied Artists of America, Inc.  73rd Annual; Exhibition.  National Arts Club.  New York City.

            Juried  exhibition.


1986    1986      Hank Baum Gallery.  San Francisco.  Juried exhibition.





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1998   Chosen in national competition for solo exhibition at the Arts Club of  Washington.

           Selected by Neal  Benezra, Curator of the Smithsonian’s Hirshorn Museum.


1995    1995      Selected as resident artist at Montpelier Cultural Art Center, Laurel, Maryland.


1994    1994      National  Society of  Painters in Casein and Acrylic. Selected  in national  competition for annual

Exhibition. New York City.


1995    1995       MoscowWashington  Artists Exchange.    First  international exchange  of  works by artists of the two capital cities.  Selected by curators of the Tretyakov Gallery, State Gallery of the USSR.

1988      Elsie Ject-Key Memorial Award.  National  Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic.  New York City.


1987    1987      Knickerbocker Artists. Selected in national competition for annual exhibition.  New York City.

1986      Allied Artists of America. Selected in  national competition for annual exhibition. New York City.


1986    1986      “Best in Show” cash award.  Hank Baum  Gallery.  San Francisco.


1986    Artists’ Liaison annual competition.  One of 106 winners from U.S., Canada, and France. 

             Selected from 2500 entrants.




             Allied Artists                                                   National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic


              Artists Equity                                                   Washington Project for the Arts