Vittorio Marino Vicini


Born Nov 1956
I attended Wayne State University and received a BFA in printmaking and painting. My paintings include products such as magazines, books, diner and kitchen still life, and food advertisements of our past. There is something about how some of these products are packaged in a form of entertainment and advertising. One could say that it is the color, design and approach to composition in these images that is a reflection of that time.

Whether it is cereal boxes, yesterday’s kitchen or diner still life’s, toy packages or comic books, these are all time capsules of a certain time of American life. The interplay of contemporary design with nostalgic imagery plays an intriguing interplay of realism and contemporary art. The bold colors, the intriguing compositions, and of course, all our hero's in the classic comic era.


GROUP and SOLO Shows

 June 1975
"Wayne State University Undergraduate Exhibition "Detroit, MI 1975

April 1981
"Second Annual Print Making Competition" Scarab Club Detroit MI

August 1981
"Ann Arbor Art Association Print Making Competition" Ann Arbor MI

"1982 State Fair Art Competition", First Place award, Detroit, MI

July 1982
"Third Annual Print Making Making Competition", Scarab Club, Detroit,MI, First Place awarded 

November 1984
"Artist Today", Woodward Gallery, Birmingham MI

October 1984
"1984 Michigan State Fair Art Competition", Second Prize, Detroit, MI

June 1985
Detroit Artist Market, “Detroit Realist”, Detroit, MI

July 1982
Group Show, Detroit Focus Gallery, Detroit, MI

August 1995
"Celebrating Michigan Artist", Paint Creek Center for the Arts, Rochester, MI

September 1996
"One Man Show: Vic Vicini", University of Liggett, Gross Point MI

September 1997
"Paintings by Vic Vicini", Livonia Public Library, Livonia, MI

 December 5th 2009 - January 1st 2010

“Small Gems”, Elliot Fouts Gallery, Sacramento CA

May 2009

Hunter Rose, Rebecca Casey, Vic Vicini, Blue Wing Art Gallery, 405 Main St., Woodland, CA  95695

February 2009
Philippe Gandiol, Vic Vicini , Elliot Fouts Gallery, Sacramento CA

November 2009
"THE HOLIDAY SHOW - SIZE MATTERS", Miller Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio

December 2009
Artistic Stimulus II, Miller Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio

February 25, 2009
50 Years + 50 Artists + 50 Painting, Miller Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio

February 6, 2009
Vic Vicini and David Lobenberg, Elliott Fouts Gallery, Sacramento CA

February 2010
The Lively Still Life, Elder Gallery, 1427 South Boulevard, Charlotte, NC 28203