Paul Martin Wolff

New Directions”

Recent Sculpture


December 13, 2006 - January 31, 2007

“How does a 65 year old lawyer become an artist: the answer is neither short nor simple.


I was exposed to the arts from childhood by frequent trips to art galleries and in college was an art history major, but fear of straying from the norm led me to majoring in American history and relegating art history to a minor. Lacking both adventure and risk, I did something that I knew that I could do well and attended law school. After graduation, I moved to Washington DC, clerked for a federal judge and them joined my current law firm where I have had a career that has exceeded, in all aspects, my hopes and aspirations. However, from college to present, my interest in art has never waned.


My parents believed that one of the greatest gifts to man was artistic talent and that nothing evidenced God’s existence better than nature in all its manifest beauty and man’s efforts to match it. I concur in this belief and think of my art as a way of connecting with God’s creativity. The effort to create art is deeply contemplative and spiritual for me.”  Paul Martin Wolff