Born in Granby, Renée duRocher has dedicated her life to painting for more
than thirty-five years. Working and living in her native city, this professional
artist has been exhibiting in well-known venues since 1976, both solo and in
groups. Her involvement with regional cultural organizations is the basis for
numerous exhibits, projects and popular events supporting the promotion of
contemporary art. This artist has received many awards and also
occasionally acts as a jury member. Renée duRocher's artwork is often
mentioned in monographs on Québec's art history and discussed in a
number of visual arts periodicals.
Long associated with historical subjects and locations, Renée duRocher's
painting is gradually evolving towards new references. Her recent artwork
suggests a passage towards a more inward quest open to the modern
world. A vibrant imaginary world that is expressed in more abstract and
forever-changing spaces.

Renée duRocher works on her paintings in sequence, often in the
polyptych form and with elaborate compositions flowing from figurative
to abstract. The brightness and strength of the colours juxtaposed with
subtle contrasts bring a dynamic touch to the structured and narrative
compositions. Although the artist is constantly exploring new avenues,
she preserves her distinguishing characteristic: the ability to conjure up a
story. A story that remembers the past but now tells about the present
and the future, this time with a pictorial style to give more room to
abstract ideas. That is the bold transition that Renée duRocher is aptly
exploring while allowing a fine balance with nature to show through her
artwork as a whole.

Her work can now be found in public and private collections throughout
Québec and abroad. Examples are the Department of Foreign Affairs, the
Orford Art Centre, the City of Granby, the Sherbrooke Fine Arts Museum, as
well as Pratt & Whitney in Toronto, the Desjardins Collection, the Royal Bank
and some American collectors. Recently, in spring 2009, Renée duRocher
won the provincial Integration of Arts with Architecture contest for her mural
in the City of Mégantic in the Québec Eastern Townships.