Life Pieces to Masterpieces

Founded in 1996, Life Pieces To Masterpieces (LPTM) is a non-profit, youth development organization serving Washington’s at-risk African-American boys and young men, ages 3 to 21, living in Ward 7.  Intended to turn life challenges into possibilities, LPTM offers its “apprentices” opportunities to discover their creative abilities by painting and sharing stories of their everyday life.   Five to six days a week, they study an arts-based curriculum that also includes athletics, leadership training and meditation.  The name Life Pieces comes from the collaborative projects they create …  painting canvases, cutting them into shapes and sewing the pieces together as a means of processing real-life experiences.  Since its inception, LPTM has served over 600 individuals, producing 1,000+ masterpieces.  LPTM has been featured in the Catalogue for Philanthropy and recognized for outstanding achievement by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Hard Days Work
mixed medium on canvas
32" x 32"
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