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Archives 2001


"Star Spangled Humor"

Paper Mache
54" x 34" x 24"

"Star Spangled Humor"
by Stephen Hansen

On November 30th, we welcome our dear friend, Stephen Hansen and his Star Spangled Humor. These newest and most exciting sculptures feature "The Beltway" and "Art History." The limited Editions, "Bad Dog," "Cat Fight," and "Suffering Artist," as well as other favorites, will boost your spirits. You will want to be here for the excitement.

Stephen's work is an integral part of American Art. From the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of American History, to the fantastic new installation at the AEScorporate offices, his works are widely collected. In private homes as well as office spaces, the engaging characters both witty and ironic, continue to charm and comfort us. We are especially glad to see Stephen and hope that you will join us for this special event.

Stephen Hansen has been showing with Zenith Gallery for 22 years. Our ongoing liaison has been a source of mutual admiration, personally, and professionally. Many of the commissions that we have worked on as a team have made effective marks on the community. Julie and Stephen will be making the trek from New Mexico for this reunion and the start of even more collaborations.



November 1 - November 25, 2001

New Art & Artists

Welcome Our New Artists:

John Aaron, Ceramic Reliefs
Julie Dziiikiewicz, Oil & Acrylic
Joanne Williams, Fine Textiles & Found Objects

New Art by Gallery Artists:

Gloria Cesal, Carol Dupre, Anne Marchand, Davis Morton, Marianne Mitchell, & Ron Schwerin


Realism is at its best with Schwerin and Morton. Cesal uses miniature scale and jewel-like color. Mitchell creates dynamic texture and depth with translucent colors in her abstract paintings. Dupre will unveil her new series of gargoyles.

Breaking Through
by Marianne Mitchell


September 20 - October 22, 2001
"Our Dreams are Our Real Lives"

one woman exhibition by
Marcia Marx



June 23 - August 30, 2001

"Let's Dance"
Robert Freeman

The Dancers
60" x 38"


May 4 - June 18, 2001

Robert C. Jackson

All or Nothing
Oil on Panel
32" x 16"


March 9 - April 29, 2001
"Remembering... My Magical Muses"
by Renee duRocher

Inner Passion
Mixed Media on Paper
49" x 58"


March 9 - April 29, 2001

"Lifting Life's Spirit "

Zachary Oxman

35" x 14" x 19
edition of 50


January 18 - March 5, 2001
"Glow Art "
A Spectacular 19th Year- NEON Invitational

Artists Represented:

John Bannon
Tammy Beck
Jerry Berta
Steve Blackwood
Eric Ehlenberger
Joan Glase
Margery E. Goldberg
Maureen Havey
Philip Hazard
Madeline Kaczmarczyk
Edward Kehm
Vince Kolosky
Craig Kraft
Michael Rocco Pinciotti
Richard Rozinsky
Candice Watkins
Michael Young
Mary Voytek

December 1, 2000 - January 14, 2001
Windows, Doorways & Entrances with Attitude
Guenther Riess

Two Story with Flower Pots
3-dimensional construction with acrylic and watercolor
39"x 22"


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