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Archives 2002

Aurora, oil on canvas by Gloria Cesal

Zenith Gallery's Legend Series

Gloria Cesal
New Oil Paintings and Iris Prints
3rd in our Zenith Legend Series

Zenith Gallery is showcasing new works by Gloria Cesal, a Peruvian born artist whose visual prose enraptures art lovers worldwide. Featuring richly textured oil paintings.

Gloria Cesal has been a presence in the Washington area arts community since her days as an art student at Montgomery College, American University and The University of Maryland. "The evolution of my work hast taken a natural course, following not only the duality of my cultural experience, but also the travels of my own life," says Cesal.

Her canvases teem with Latin flavor that reflect her Peruvian heritage and its universal appeal. She creates her works with strong gestured brushstrokes utilizing the palate knife even more that the artist's brush. The results are highly instinctual and expressive paintings that speak powerfully to viewers.

November 21 - December 12, 2002


Release, metal mesh sculpture by Raymond Wiger

Zenith Gallery Presents

Out of Context
A View from the Hill
A Sculptural-Photographic Essay on Censorship


In collaboration with New York photographer, David Morgan, Raymond Wiger has created an exhibition that highlights the major sculpture found on Washington, D.C.’s federal buildings and monuments. “Out of Context” describes the political milieu out of which judgment and censorship was imposed upon a work of art by Zenith Gallery sculptor, Raymond Wiger, which was part of an exhibition to be shown in the Russell Senate Office Building.

October 17 - November 17, 2002


Dreaming Women, oil on canvas by Sica

Celebrating our 25th Season with ZENITH LEGENDS

Zenith Gallery Presents Sica's

"Parts of a World"

Featuring new metallic contruction, paintings, and sculpture

September 19 - October 13, 2002


View Towards St. Eustace,
oil on canvas by Anne Marchand

Celebrating our 25th Season with

Zenith Gallery Presents Anne Marchand's


September 19 - October 12, 2002


Happy, acrylic on canvas by Paula Wachsstock

"The Dog Days of Summer, including Cats..."

Zenith Gallery Presents our national, all media juried show of dog and cat art.

A tribute to men and women's best friends featuring work by:

Don E. Brown
Paula Wachsstock
Ronni Jolles
Robert Jackson
Julia Kay
Kirk Waldroff
Steven Stichter
Bradley Stevens
Leela Payne
Carla Golembe
Carroll Muffett
Diane Dompka
Stacey Cramp
Jerry Sitrin
Liz Momorsky

Michelle Koncilja
Laurie Graham
Kristine Lingle
Jay Schlueter
Chris Fendley
Linda Press
Helen Zughaib
Gary Hughes
Allison Merriweather
Philip Hazard
Stephen Hansen
John Aaron
June Walker
Donna McCollough
Brigitte Davis
Margery E. Goldberg

August 7 - Septermber 15, 2002


Fulcrum of Heaven & Hell,
glass and steel by Tim Tate

"New Artists... New Space"


John Aaron
3 Dimensional ceramic art pieces
Matthew Harwood
Watercolor assemblages
Nat Krate
Females & fauna paintings
Margo Nimiroski
Abstract, minimalist paintings
Tim Tate
Glass/metal sculptures


June 20 - August 2, 2002


Yellow Grasses on Blackfish Creek, oil on canvas by Ellen Sinel

In Celebration of our 24 years, Zenith Gallery presents:

"Scapes: Sea and Solitude"
by Ellen Sinel


We celebrate our Renaissance with one of Zenith's pioneers, whose work exemplifies our commitment to art.

May 17 - June 16, 2002


Love, neon and mixed media by Philip Hazard


September 11th has changed us all. Besides making us question many aspects of our lives, it has made us appreciate what is most important to us. Our answer is love, caring, family, friends, and community. In that spirit, we bring you this show, "Heartfelt."

Zenith Gallery is proud to announce the opening of our first show of 2002. As a "Heartfelt" beginning for this year, we have asked our Neon artists, as well as some of your favorite Gallery artists, to create works with a heart theme. These works will be one of a kind and limited edition pieces.

Neon artists include Bannon, Glase, Goldberg, Hazard, Hepburn, Herndon, Kehm, Kraft, Pinciotti, Ryane, Watkins, and Young. Gallery artists participating include Aaron, Cesal, Holmes, Marchand, Newmeyer, Sica, and Sinel.

January 25 - March 1, 2002

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