A new exhibition by Sica  (September 2004)

is a visual journey through the games of life - the ones we played in childhood (hop scotch and paper, rock, scissors), the ones that wounded (careless love), and best of all - the ones we won."

Sica, 2004


Price request

Chess No. 4
Metallic Construction
29" x 25"

Chess No. 5
Metallic Construction
29" x 25"

Chess No. 6
Metallic Construction
29" x 25"

Games I "Good Deal"
Metallic Construction
21" x 26"

Rock, Paper, Scissors
Oil on Canvas
38" x 44"

Hip Hop Scotch
Oil on Paper
62" x 74"

Musical Game "Fugue"
Metallic Construction
23" x 23"

Fishing For Compliments I                                           Fishing For Compliments II
Collage                                                                                 Collage
17" x 13"                                                                               15" x 14"

Careless Love
Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas
14" x 15"

Pool Table I                                                 Pool Table II
Oil on Canvas                                              Oil on Canvas
18" x 14"                                                       18" x 14"

  Pool Table III
Oil on Paper
13" x 14"

Three of Hearts
Oil on Canvas
30" x 30"

The game of life.
The world is so full of a number of things,

it's a wonder we all aren't happy as kings!
Art, however is not a game.
Art is a rowboat on the sea of chaos