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Archives 2004
Past Exhibitions

Bertha's Mussels by Davis Morton


Six Artists, Six Works

Dec. 3rd - Jan. 9th, 2005

Six Zenith artists each present Six new pieces of work

Featuring artists: Gloria Cesal, C.M. Dupre, Nat Krate, Ann Marchand, Davis Morton, and Brad Stevens


                                           Flag Day by Joey Manlapaz


Reflection Series

Oil Paintings by Joey Manlapaz

Sept. 29- Dec. 31, 2004






Forged and Fabricated

October 21 - November 28

Feturing mixed media wall relief by Joan Konkel

Cast bronze sculpture and patina by Patrick Cochran


New work by Zenith legend, Sica

September 17 - October 17, 2004

"Games is a visual journey through the games of life - the ones we played in Childhood (hop scotch and paper, rock, scissors), the ones that wounded (careless love), and best of all - the ones we won."





A group show celebrating the various uses of thread in fine art.

Featuring artists Chad Allen, Susan klebanoff, Joan Konkel, Amanda Richardson, and Joanne Williams.

July 14 - September 19, 2004

Exhibition located at 901 E Street NW

Isolation & Intimacy

Introductory show featuring artwork by Cassie Taggart, Michael Madzo, and Stephen Maffin


July 2nd - September 5th 2004

Ready To Wear?
A multi-media group show highlighting clothing as art

June 11th - July 18th, 2004

Wayne Trapp: An Introspective
A collection of abstract paintings by a multi-talented and prolific sculptor that detail his introspective journey between mediums; from three dimensions to two.

May 7th - June 6th 2004


Zenith Style
A representative show of all of Zenith Gallery's artists, arranged in vignettes to depict how art can be integrated into home and office.

March 1 - May 2, 2004

Color Photograph on Canvas by David Glick

This Land is Your Land,
This Land is Our Land

paintings by Bradley Stevens
photography by David Glick

December 17, 2003 -
April 30, 2004

A 901 E Street Exhibition


Robert Jackson


December 5, 2003 - January 31, 2004

"On the surface, I paint still life in a realist tradition, taking commonplace items of everyday life and immortalizing them on canvas. I find beauty in things as they are, with all of their flaws and imperfections, and allow the viewer to encounter the same in my carefully constructed compositions. Beneath the surface though, you'll be invited to explore my spiritual longing for something more in life, contrasted with my ironic sense of humor." - Robert C. Jackson


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