Press Release:

September 6 – October 1, 2006

“Spartina-A Myriad of Grasses” by Ellen Sinel

“A Life Long Reverence For Wood” by Margery E. Goldberg


Margery E. Goldberg

“I love wood. For over 35 years my obsession for the medium has not waned. Trees are our ancestors, they nurture us with shelter, heat, books, habitat for our entire ecosystem and the air we breathe. Like humans no two are alike. Whether I carve like the ancient carvers or laminate the wood, I believe I enable the spirit of wood to be released.  This show will feature my new series of Baseball Furniture and a robust anthology of Goldberg creations featuring sculpture, sculptured furniture and work with exotic wood and neon.

                                    So come take a journey through the Goldberg Forest.”   

Ellen Sinel

“I have worked with landscape, especially Cape Cod landscape, for many years. My new series of paintings represents a focusing in on the grasses which grow mostly by the water’s edge and in water.  These grasses are a metaphor for ways in which we contend with the rich variety of events in our lives.  Year after year, these grasses are constantly altering.  They are nature at its deepest core; blown by the wind, warmed by the sun; they live, die, and regenerate, coping with harsh or gentle realities of the changing seasons.”