Press Release:

“Altered States”

December 7, 2006  - January 14, 2007

Receptions to meet the artist:

Thursday, December 7, 6-9pm

Saturday, December 9, 2-5pm

We are delighted to present our second one-man exhibition of 27 year-old realist painter, Drew Ernst.  Ernst sold out his first solo exhibition at Zenith Gallery. His current work, Altered States, promises to be another exceptional exhibit in this young man's artistic career.

 Ernst says of his work:  “The world has changed drastically in a very short period of time.  These works are a reaction to those changes.  Altered States has layers of meaning.  The work can be viewed through the eyes of the artist whose personal intent was to make paintings of alternate states of reality or escape. In the bigger picture, Altered States can be seen as a change of consciousness on a world scale.”   

Contact: Jodi Walsh, Marketing Director