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Press Release:

Anne Marchand & Alan Binstock

May 5 – June 4, 2006
Opening Events: Friday, May 5, 6-9pm and Sunday, May 7, 2-5pm

Zenith Gallery is proud to host concurrent solo exhibitions for longtime resident artist, Anne Marchand, and newcomer, Alan Binstock. Both are fixtures of the Washington DC and Maryland art communities. Anne, a Washington artist and New Orleans native, has been an important contributor to the Washington community for many years. Her murals and public art projects can be seen throughout the city.

Anne Marchand sees space through movement. In this latest body of abstract, mixed media paintings, her compositions explore the connectedness of energy in the universe. Drawing inspiration from images of the Hubble telescope, her paintings contain the vastness of galaxies that morph into more recognizable and intimate earthly landscapes.

Mt. Rainier, Maryland artist, Alan Binstock is a sculptor, yoga devotee and NASA architect. His current body of work incorporates stone, glass and steel and is self-reflective. The sculptures balance, support and cantilever their way towards a visual resolution. Nancy Ungar of Sculpture Magazine writes, “he uses his art to give shape to the spiritual and intellectual searching that has informed his life. His elegant, minimal forms are honed to a poetic accuracy that illuminates complex statements through form, contrasting materials and, especially, color.”

Contact: Jodi Walsh, Marketing Director