Press Release:

"Our Town"

June 8 – July 16, 2006

Scenes of Washington, DC & Our Neighboring Communities

John Malmstrom - Joey Manlapaz - Anne Marchand - Glenn Moreton
David Stainback - Bradley Stevens - Colin Winterbottom

From hard edge cityscapes to romantic, serene pastoral landscapes, this group of artists captures it all. Zenith Gallery invites you to view the Washington DC and surrounding areas through the eyes of seven thoughtful, talented and creative artists.

The fragrance of Washington springtime is captured in "Cherry Blossoms" by Bradley Stevens.
Anne Marchand’s vibrant, almost electric scenes whether in her murals or paintings, creatively
enhance what already exists in her 17th St. Mansion paintings. Joey Manlapaz continues
with her well-known reflection series, examining how one building reflects off of another.
Colin Winterbottom’s black & white photography presents the viewer with the majesty of
this Capitol City. David Stainback’s draftsman like structures sometimes stay true to their
content and other times are viewed purely from his artistic side.

John Malmstrom seems to find eerie strangeness and beauty wherever he lives; his images
capture the spirit of their locale, this time reflecting on Richmond, Virginia. Glenn Moreton's
works are often compared to photo realist Richard Estes, when in fact the artist began
developing his detailed cityscapes quite independently of the photo realist movement.