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Press Release:

Renee duRocher & Mary Ann Prack
“Wheel of Time”

March 31 – April 30, 2006
Opening Events: Friday, March 31, 6-9pm & Saturday, April 1, 2-5pm

Renée duRocher is fascinated by history and time. She scrutinizes, observes, analyzes, and experiences it through her extensive travels around the globe. The resulting images are mixed media collage paintings that are unique in style and universal in content. The newest series of works, inspired by elements from Egypt and Xi’an, China are shaped by her vision of survival of antiquity and humanity.

Mary Ann Prack carves her own path with clay as a pure sculpture medium; hand-building each piece using stoneware clay slabs, carved line work and glazes with a painters approach to surface treatments. Her abstract yet figurative forms resonate with harmony and balance and are endowed with a profound sense of ancient wisdom. She is an artist who reaches deep within herself to evoke universal themes and the positive spirit of humanity.

Contact: Jodi Walsh, Marketing Director

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