The Strange World of Cassie Taggart 
Painting, Glicees and Sculptures by Cassie Taggart

November 15- December 28, 2013

Zenith Gallery at 1429 Iris Street, NW, Washington, DC 20012

WASHINGTON, DC – October 12, 2013 – Cassie Taggart’s paintings, giclees and “house” sculptures have been featured at Zenith Gallery in solo and group shows for almost 20 years. Fascinated by the idea of multiple truths, her narrative interior scenes seem to straddle a line between dream and reality, between one truth and another. Taggart reminds us that, “reality is pliable, and for every perspective there is a different truth”.

       How to Die Gracefully                                                Path                                                               Trophy Wife                                 


       Origins                                                                             Candy Colored Tears                                                                        The Meeting

“I grew up in the house of Aaron Burr’s many mistresses, an ancient brownstone that told of the past. It was possessed of a temperamental broiler that constantly broke down forcing on many mornings to heat our bath water on the stove. It created in me a sense of existing in multiple places, times, and realities all at the same moment.  My childhood tended toward odd artistic pursuits, I carved tiny flying saucers and sewed a thousand wee pillows, each methodically “designed” and given out to baffled relatives. When I was eight or so, the streets surrounding our house were closed to traffic, covered with crisp white paper, and smeared with bloody animal parts. It was a hallucinatory sight; an indelible image of the quirks of reality and it has stayed with me. I thought it was a dream, too strange to be real”. … Cassie Taggart

Cassie Taggart was academically trained in painting with a Fine Arts degree from Virginia Commonwealth University.  She has also studied in Sienna, Italy and New Hampshire.  Her work has been exhibited in Galleries from California to New York City, Washington, DC, Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

Where:  Zenith Gallery, 1429 Iris Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20012-1409
Gallery Hours: Open Fridays & Saturdays, Noon - 6:00 PM; All other times by appointment
Information: Margery Goldberg, 202-783-2963
Zenith Gallery, 1429 Iris Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20012


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