36th Year Anniversary Show: The Art of Creative Diversity

Featuring the Sculpture & Mixed Media Art of Zenith Gallery Artists at

At 1111 Pennsylvania Ave., NW Washington, DC 20004

Opening Reception to Meet the Artists: Wednesday, February 5th, 2014, 5:00-8:00 pm

Show Dates February 5th –May 17, 2014

Harman Biddle is a Washington area artist who creates exquisite glass work she creates in Murano Italy.  

Kyle James Dunn is a young artist living in New York.  His work is whimsical with extensive detail within each piece. He uses an unusual technique of Plasma cut steel and outdoor paint coating.   

David Hubbard is an ironworker and has been for more than thirty years.  His work is monumental and demands attention within its space.  For twenty years he’s been running his own business as an art installer and sculpture conservator.

Katie Dell Kaufman uses common objects to create her work.  She chooses items that are touched, handled, and used all over the globe.  She joins the intimate experience of tools and household items, with larger questions of our place in the world, and the human condition.  “My process involves wax, which evolves and changes as it shifts between solid to liquid.  Ideal as a “connective” medium, wax binds disparate elements into a meaningful whole while invoking a sense of shifting perspective.”

Joan Konkel creates amazing three dimensional wall pieces, utilizing light and physics to create the illusion of movement and pattern.  Her painted canvases layered with a variety of materials keep the viewer interested with a variety of ways to view and interpret her work.

Donna McCullough: Fashion is well known as a reliable reflection of cultural trends and historical events. On a personal level, it has become her creative vehicle for exploring the emotional roller coaster of life.  Her inspiration arose from contemplating the dichotomy between the perception of women as fragile, delicate creatures, and the reality that most women are defined by resiliency and steely resolve. Donna’s dresses last a lifetime, but it’s unlikely you will ever wear one. 

Carol Newmyer: “I believe that communication is one of the central and universal reasons why artists do their art. It is certainly one of the main reasons I do mine.”  Carol has been a sculptor with the Zenith Gallery in Washington DC for the past 36 years and has also participated in various shows in New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Arizona.

Tom Noll is a prolific man, being all at once a whimsical artist, sculptor, landscape designer, avid nature lover, and advocate for all things recyclable and eco-friendly. When he combines his sculptures and garden designs he believes in: “Art In & the Art of Landscape Design, Creates a Transformative Zen Power to be Enjoyed Forever.” 

Sica, born New York City, began her artistic career in 1950 while studying at The Art Students League of New York, and later at the Pratt Graphics Workshop, New York.  She also traveled extensively, eventually settling in Saigon, Vietnam, as Duy Than's apprentice, then in Athens, Greece, with Emanuel Pilidikis. She bolstered her reputation simultaneously by participating in several international art invitational’s and symposiums. Aside from Vietnam and Greece, SICA has lived in England, Spain and Yugoslavia, and her oeuvre reflects an enlightened perspective of the world, its people and its cultures.

Paula Stern’s art is the tangible manifestation of her deeply conscious effort to be personally honest and true “… and with my hands, I shape sculptures of the human form that my eyes see.”  

Charles Taube uses exotic woods to create musical notes and entire bars of music.


Tim Tate is co-founder of the Washington Glass School located in Mt. Rainier MD. He has shown nationally and internationally since the 1990’s, including the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, SOFA New York and Chicago, Art Basel Scope in Switzerland, the Art Miami at Art Basel-Miami, the Luce Foundation Center for American Art at the Smithsonian, the Renwick Gallery and commercial galleries from Washington, DC to London and Berlin.

Where:  1111 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Washington, DC 20004
When:   February 5- May 17, 2014

Opening Reception: Wednesday, February 5th, 5:30-8:30 PM, 2014

Information, Press/Images:  Margery Goldberg, 202-783-2963,   

Gallery Hours: Friday – Friday 8am-7pm, all other times, entrance on 12th St. NW WDC 20004


Celebrating 36 years in the nation’s capital, Zenith is recognized for its unique mix of contemporary art in a wide variety of media, style and subject.  The gallery provides high-quality acquisition, art consulting, commissioning, appraisal and framing services, through its gallery/salon/ sculpture garden off 16th Street at 1429 Iris St NW, WDC 20012.  Zenith curates rotating exhibits at the Eleven Sculpture Space at 1111 Pennsylvania Avenue NW and the DC Economic Partnership, 1495 “F” St, NW both Washington, DC 20004