Peter Kephart: Setting the World on Fire, One Painting at a Time

                                                                                                                          1429 Iris St., NW Washington, DC 20012-1409

Opening Receptions to Meet the Artist:

Friday December 12, 5 pm – 8 pm & Saturday December 13, 2 pm – 6 pm

Saturday: Observe an On-Site Demonstration

Exhibit Dates: December 12, 2014 – January 31, 2015


Open: Friday and Saturday 12- 6 pm, Daily by Appointment - please call: 202-783-2963

                          Abstract Natural # 4                    Heat Stimulating the Brain                   Fire in the Sky                           New Man in a Changed Land               


    Abstract Natural #6                                                Dominican Sunset #16                                 Minor Heat Stroke



 From its primeval origins to the present day, fire has forged the foundations of our existence. The singular ability of humankind to harness and control this phenomena marks one of the greatest discoveries in human history, and this discovery began a distinct epoch of evolution through its far-reaching effects. From biological and physiological development to instinctive reaction to stimuli, fire has served as a utilitarian and an expressive medium, and occasionally as both. In the past one million years, we have applied this resource in every conceivable way, to cook, light, and heat, and even to manage the land. We have employed fire in war and in peace, in bombs and bonfires, in power and propulsion, in refining, and in smelting and smithing metals. Fire has been utilized in ceremony and religious rites, in romance and entertainment, in sculpting and in every other destructive or creative application contrived by our considerable imaginations. Today, fire is used by nearly every human inhabitant of earth. More than any other element, fire has forged our world. Fine artist Peter Kephart has applied this universal medium in a way never imagined.

For the past decade, Kephart has combined the four fundamental elements of fire, water, earth, and wind on paper to create artworks of unprecedented beauty and emotive power. These bold, burned Firepaintings will astonish you with their diversity, their tangible energy, and their luminous and supremely organic nature. Forged directly over the ember bed of a raging bonfire, Kephart’s Fireworks brand the paper and fuse permanently with its cotton fibers. This singular technique results in dramatic and dynamic paintings which range widely in style, from abstract naturals to intensely colored, remarkably detailed landscapes. With Firepainting, Kephart has forged a new aesthetic unlike anything seen before. These museum-quality, award-winning, critically acclaimed, internationally exhibited and increasingly collected artworks are as universally appealing as fire itself. Peter Kephart has single-handedly reinvented the time-honored art of landscape painting, and has created an entirely new world of expressive possibilities.

Mark Jenkins of the Washington Post calls them “complex and robust, striking and arresting.” Mona Molarsky of Art News magazine calls them “arresting, vibrant, bold and colorful.” These compelling images reflect the artist’s vision of a warmer environment. They are infused with kinetic motion, glowing light, and the unmistakable vestiges of a crackling blaze. Each of these artworks is truly unique. None can be reproduced or repeated. The Firepaintings of this art-historical figure captivate the mind and spirit of the viewer. They must be seen to be believed. Even so, you will call them unbelievable. They represent the very nature of painting.

Peter Kephart is the planet’s only Firepainter, and he’s setting the world on fire, one painting at a time. Come see these historic, contemporary artworks at Zenith Gallery. And prepare to be amazed. You’ve never seen paintings like these. 

                                                               Painting with Fire, Daniel Cima © 2004  

 We welcome you to come experience Kephart’s creative firepainting first hand, for an on-site demonstration!

              Kephart’s demonstration and the resulting works are sure to ignite your own creative spark!


                                     Admission is FREE and there’s a lot of Parking!


Where:           1429 Iris St., NW Washington, DC 20012-1409

What:             Opening Reception to meet Pete Kephart

When:            Friday, December 12th, 5 pm – 8 pm


Where:           1429 Iris St., NW Washington, DC 20012-1409

What:             Meet Pete Kephart & Observe His Process weather permitting

When:            Saturday, December 13th, 2 pm – 6 pm


Information, Press/Images:  Margery Goldberg, 202-783-2963,    

Gallery Hours: Friday and Saturday 12-6 pm, any other times by appointment


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