Zenith Gallery & Zenith Community Arts Foundation Present

“Black Artists Matter”
At the Marketplace at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation

DC Convention Center- Hall E, Booth #540

801 Mt Vernon Pl NW, Washington, DC 20001


Market Place Open to the Public

         Show Dates:  September 17- September 19, 2015   Hours




The five artists represented in the Freedom Place Collection, Romare Bearden, Benny Andrews, Robert Freeman, Alma Thomas, and Richard Yarde, each speak with their own artistic style, voice and vision, and yet they are linked by the African-American experience and heritage, a heritage that has inspired, nurtured, and enriched their art.


In addition to showcasing work by the five artists represented in the Freedom Place Collection, our showcase display titled “Black Artists Matter” will include works by several distinguished and accomplished Black artists, both from Africa and the United States, to include Doba Afolabi, Anne Bouie, Cassandra Gillens, Hubert Jackson, Gloria Kirk, Chris Malone, Curtis Woody and Joyce J. Scott. What ties these artists together is their experience and heritage as artists of African descent. Among these artists, Doba Afolabi only recently immigrated from Africa to the United States, while others trace their family roots back many through generations and deep into the American past.


Doba Afolabi imbues his acrylic paintings with lush color, brilliant expressionist lines, and a powerful sense of movement. Hubert Jackson explores the relationship African Americans have with the historic facts and tragic events of The American Civil War, and in so doing, incorporates materials such as bullet casings and soil samples from battle sites. Chris Malone creates powerful, charming, sometimes bawdy, intricately fashioned dolls – with clear ties to shamanistic traditions and talismans of tribal origins. Anne Bouie is inspired by an exploration of various indigenous religious and spiritual traditions as she crafts collections of mixed media objects that appear to have been used in ancient rituals. Gloria Kirk delves into texture, and textiles, the results of which tell magical stories of both past and present, without the need for words.  Curtis Woody fashions collages he calls ‘quilts,’ both in dereference to the longstanding tradition of quilt making within the African American community, and by way of explaining how he designs his compositions. Cassandra Gillens, is closely connected with the people and culture of the Low Country, South Carolina. With vivid saturated color and simplification of forms, her paintings depict some of her fondest memories as a child, and also of good old southern living found on the Sea Islands. Joyce J. Scott is a versatile artist from Baltimore, Maryland. She is a printmaker, weaver, sculptor, performance artist, and educator, but she is probably most well known for her work in jewelry, beadwork, and glass. Her art reflects her take on all aspects of American popular culture, her ancestry, and the immediate world of her neighborhood.


Collectively, this exhibit represents a diverse body of artistic works, crafted out of a diversity of materials, such as: paper, paint, shells, raffia, beads, wood, glass, metal, cloth, graphite, ink, and clay. Cumulatively, they represent a range of themes and stories, reflective of the scope and breadth of the African and the African-American experience.

Please join us in celebrating these distinguished artist and in affirming that “Black Artists Matter!”
Every purchase made at “Black Artists Matter” benefits the non-profit Zenith Community Arts
Foundation (ZCAF), a 501(c-3) based out of Zenith Art Gallery.



DC Convention Center, 801 Mt. Vernon Place NW, Washington, DC 20001

The 45th Annual Legislative Conference Exhibition Showcase - Booth #540


Exhibit on Display: September 17-September 19, 2015


Zenith Gallery Information:

Margery Goldberg, 202-783-2963,


Zenith Community Arts Foundation Information:

Ella Dorsey, 202-783-8005,



Market Place Open to the Public



    Thursday, September 17                    12 noon – 7:00 pm

    Friday September 18                            9:00 am - 6:00 pm

    Saturday September 19                       8:00 am - 1:00 pm


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