Zenith Gallery Presents:


39 Years: Rejuvenate with Art, Accent on the Positive, Let’s Celebrate!


March 17 – April 29, 2017  

1429 Iris St., NW, Washington, DC 20012


Opening Receptions to meet the Artists:
Friday March 17, 4-8pm, Saturday March 18, 2-6  

Closing Reception: Saturday April 29, 2:00 - 5:00  pm


Featuring: Kim Abraham, Jan Paul Acton, Doba Afolabi, Mason Archie, David Bacharach,   Andrea Barnes, Bert Beirne, Caroline Benchetrit, Harmon Biddle, Binder, Francesca Britton, James Butler, Lenny Campello, Eric Elhenberger, Katie Dell-Kaufman, Renee DuRocher, Elissa Farrow-Savos, Richard Fitzhugh, Robert Freeman, Carol Gellner-Levin, Cassandra Gillens, Julie & Ken Girardini, Margery Goldberg, Carolyn Goodridge, Stephen Hansen, Len Harris, Chris Hayman, Philip Hazard, Tony Henson, Frank Holmes, Marcie Wolf & David Hubbard, Hubert Jackson, Robert Jackson, Gloria Kirk, Joan Konkel, Michael Madzo, Chris Malone, Paul Martin Wolff, Donna McCullough, Hadrian Mendoza, Davis Morton, Carol Newmyer, Ibou N’Daiye, Tom Noll, Keith Norval,  Katharine Owens, Larry Ringgold, Preston Sampson, Gavin Sewell, Sica, Ellen Sinel, Bradley Stevens,  Jennifer Wagner,  Curtis Woody, Joyce Zipperer and many more!


 Danseur by Ibou N'Diiaye                                   Nola Jam by Doba                                                                   Highland Hills by Chris Hayman             


You Can’t Ruin A Pollock by Stephen Hansen        Basket of Deplorables by Keith Norval              Don’t Move They May Be Watching by Chris Malone


   Pathway on T. Roosevelt Island by Mason Archie                        Vineyard Morning by Bradley Stevens                      I March II by Katharine Owens                     


For almost 4 decades Zenith Gallery has been a pillar in the DC arts community. We attribute our success to our ability to transform with the ever-changing times by combining our longstanding commitment to unique artworks with our personalized, high quality customer service.  Commitment to celebrating the creative spirit of our artists is the core value at the heart of Zenith Gallery. As Owner and celebrated artist, Margery Goldberg, is fond of saying, “With billions of people on the planet, for someone to come up with an original idea and execute it in an original way is what has kept me in business all these years.”

 Starting in its humble Rhode Island Avenue location, Ms. Goldberg established one of DC’s first artist studio complexes, drawing from her all-female woodworker’s guild and expanding to painters, sculptors, and artists alike.  The gallery then moved to 7th Street helping carve out “gallery row”, while showcasing the art and splendor that the city had to offer.  Our present-day location in Shepherd Park, which has been featured on NBC news, continues to pay homage to well-known and emerging DC and local artists, as well as more far reaching corners of globe.  Zenith’s unorthodox collection and layout gives our visitors a more comprehensive idea of the scope of our mission, rather than the traditional salon style galleries with only a dozen artworks on display.   The gallery’s collection ranges in size from monumental sculpture to one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art, its mix of materials has also helped cement our reputation. Whether you are new to collecting art or a long-time buyer, we are sure to inspire the curator in you. We can confidently say that our collection is unlike anything you have seen before!


Where: 1429 Iris Street NW, Washington DC, 20012
Show Dates: March 17 - April 29, 2017
Opening Receptions: Friday, March 17, 4-8 pm and Saturday, March 18, 2-6 pm
Closing Reception: Saturday, April 29, 2-5 pm
Information: Margery Goldberg, 202-783-2963, or
Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Saturday, 12-6 PM, Any other times by appointment


Now celebrating 38 years in the nation’s capital, Zenith is recognized for its unique mix of contemporary art in a wide variety of media,
style and subject.  The gallery provides high-quality acquisition, art consulting, commissioning, appraisal and framing services, through its
gallery/salon/ sculpture garden off 16th Street at 1429 Iris St NW, WDC 20012.  Zenith also curates rotating exhibits at the
Eleven Sculpture Space at 1111 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, WDC 20004