Zenith Gallery Presents:


Zenith Gallery's 40th Anniversary Retrospective: 
In the Beginning -The Rhode Island Years 1978-1986

Show Dates: January 23- April 28, 2018
At 1111 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington DC 20004
Meet the Artists Reception: Wednesday February 7, 5:00 - 8:00 PM


Featured Artists: Beatriz Blanco, Chas Colburn, Robert Freeman,
Margery E. Goldberg, Stephen Hansen, Susan Klebanoff, Carol Newmyer,
Guenther Riess, Ramon Santiago, Sica, and Ellen Sinel.

40 years in any business is a long time, 40 years in the Art Gallery Business is a lifetime. To celebrate forty years of Zenith Gallery we will be hosting three different exhibitions at 1111 Pennsylvania Sculpture Space that will represent the different locations and eras of Zenith Gallery. The first exhibit, In the Beginning will embody the artists and life of Zenith Gallery during it’s time at the Rhode Island Ave location. Here is where it all started, Owner and Director, Margery Goldberg opened Zenith’s doors in March 1978 at a 50,000 square-foot complex as a haven for artists. As the first group to move into the 14th St vicinity 10 years after the 68’ Riots, we were the pioneers of 14th Street and started the 14th Street arts corridor. At this location, many traditions of Zenith such as, neon, humor, sculpture, three-dimensional art, fabulous painters and photographers, fashion, and video shows were exhibited here more than anywhere else in the District. Zenith Gallery was not just an art gallery, but also artist’s studios where many of them additionally resided. Popular artists from Rhode Island Ave continue to be represented by Zenith Gallery to this day, however several have passed away, Guenther Riess and Ramon Santiago. We honor them as well as our living artists who continue to create, grow and master their art.


            For 4 decades Zenith Gallery has been a pillar in the D.C. art community. We attribute our success to our ability to transform with the ever-changing times. We do this by combining our longstanding commitment to inspired, unique artworks with our personalized, high quality customer service.  This commitment to celebrating the creative spirit of our artists is the core value at the heart of Zenith Gallery. As the Owner, and celebrated artist in her own right, Goldberg is fond of saying, “With billions of people on the planet, for someone to come up with an original idea and execute it in an original way is what has kept me in business all these years.”


Zenith Gallery and Zenith Square at Rhode Island Ave was an extraordinary social experiment, on so many levels. We will be telling the story of those days throughout this exhibition. We were also known for the best parties in DC.


Pain and the Glory, Carol Newmyer                                Dark Skies, Ellen Sinel                        

The Bride and the Cactus, Sica                Zenith Remembers, Margery Goldberg

        Tec Cap #16, Chas Colburn                                    Reflections in a Grid #1, Guenther Riess            

        Golden Necklace II, Robert Freeman                                   Information Age, Stephen Hansen                    Displacement, Beatriz Blanco

Abstract #1, Susan Klebanoff                 American Family, Ramon Santiago

Model Zenith Gallery at Zenith Square​ 1978-1986


Where:                            1111 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, WDC 20004

Exhibit on Display:      January 23, 2017 – April 28, 2018

Opening Reception:    Wednesday, February 75:00-8:00 pm
Information:                   Margery Goldberg, 202-783-2963, or

Gallery Hours:               Monday-Friday8am – 7pmSaturday 8am – 4pm, On Saturday Enter on 12th St NW DC 20004:  Knock and the guard will let you in


Now celebrating 40 years in the nation’s capital, Zenith is recognized for its unique mix of contemporary art in a wide variety of media,
style and subject.  The gallery provides high-quality acquisition, art consulting, commissioning, appraisal and framing services, through its
gallery/salon/ sculpture garden off 16th Street at 1429 Iris St NW, WDC 20012.  Zenith also curates rotating exhibits at the
Eleven Sculpture Space at 1111 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, WDC 20004