Robert C. Jackson

Born: Kinston, NC, October 17, 1964


Artist’s statement:       

In my contemporary realist paintings, I have been exploring life’s drama using inanimate objects as my actors.  By using these anthropomorphic props I bring the viewer into a new a perspective in which they can objectively examine the human narrative. 

I also find myself intrigued by dissecting light and many of the aspects in which the word "light" conjures in one's mind.  Not only do I enjoy working with the physical presence of light in my still life compositions, I am intrigued by the idea of whether fun and somewhat humorous work can stir the soul rather than allowing dark somber works to hold that exclusive copyright.  I’d like to think a smile can reach the soul.  Of course, light may also be revealed in the spiritual and I desire for my artwork to give the viewer a departure point for meditation, a modern icon.


Solo Exhibitions:                 

2007     Arden Gallery, Boston MA


2006     Zenith Gallery, Washington DC


2005     Arden Gallery, Boston MA

Somerhill Gallery, Chapel Hill NC


2004     Arden Gallery, Boston  MA


2003     Zenith Gallery, Washington  DC

Delaware Division of the Arts, Wilmington DE


2002     Somerhill Gallery, Chapel Hill NC


2001     Arden Gallery,  Boston MA

            Zenith Gallery,  Washington  DC


2000     SomervilleManning Gallery, Greenville DE

            Somerhill Gallery, Chapel Hill NC


1998     Zenith Gallery,  Washington  DC


1997     SomervilleManning Gallery,  Greenville DE

            Zenith Gallery,  Washington DC

            National Institutes of Health,  Bethesda MD


Selected Group Exhibitions, Awards:

2006     Salon d’Arts, Colorado History Museum, Denver CO

            “Food Glorious Food II,”  Zenith Gallery, Washington DC

            ”My Favorite Things,”  CTE Gallery, Charlotte, NC


2005     “Food Glorious Food,”  Zenith Gallery, Washington, DC 


2004     “Allied Artists Invitational Traveling Exhibition” (2003-2005)

            “Jackson 4,” Delaware Art Museum Sales Gallery, Wilmington, DE


2003     "Annual Realism Invitational,"  M.A.Doren Gallery, Tulsa OK, (2001, 2002)

            “25th Anniversary Celebration,” Zenith Gallery, Washington DC

            “Still Life,” Charlene Cody Gallery, Santa Fe, NM


2002          "Annual Realism Invitational,"  Jenkins Johnson Gallery, San Francisco CA,


(2001, 2000)

            “The Dog Days of Summer,”  Zenith Gallery,  Washington DC

            USArtists2001,  33rd St. Armory,  Philadelphia PA, (2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996)

            Holiday Exhibition, Somerhill Gallery, Chapel Hill NC (2001,2000)


2001     "Contemporary Realism II,"  Carol Henderson Gallery, Fort Worth TX

            "Emerging Artists,"  Jenkins Johnson Gallery, San Francisco CA, (2000)

            "Feathers and Sticks,"  Bennett Galleries, Knoxville TN

            Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts,  Wilmington  DE

            "Allied Artists at the Butler," Butler Art Institute,  Youngstown OH


2000     "Realism Today,"  John Pence Gallery - American Artist Magazine, San Francisco, CA 

            "Realistic Vision,"  Cudahy's Gallery, Richmond VA

            "Still Life"  Bennett Galleries,  Knoxville TN


1999     Allied Artists of America, Inc. Annual Exhibition, New York NY, (1997, 1996)

            "Still Life Invitational,"  Somerhill Gallery,  Chapel Hill NC 

            "Still,"  Kougeas Gallery,  Boston, MA

            "Off the Wall Humor,"  Zenith Gallery,  Washington DC


1998            "Realism '98," Parkersburg Art Ctr, Parkersburg WV,  People's Choice Award



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