LOWCOUNTRY    Art of South Carolina

Herman Leonhardt, is a glass artist who lives deep in the swamp on the Edisto River where he has worked as a self-taught glassblower for 20 years, and influenced by the freedom, color, contrast, wildlife and abundant beauty of his surroundings.  His work is in galleries and private collections throughout the southeastern United States.


Yellow Bowl
blown glass
13" x 25"


Aqua Purple Bowl

blown glass
8" x 19"


Green Aqua Bowl
blown glass
9" x 19"


Flat Blue
blown glass
8" x 22"


Tall Blue Bucket
blown glass


Aqua Platter
blown glass
7" x 23"

Red Bowl

blown glass
11" x 21"


Orange-Red Bowl
blown glass
13" x 21"


Purple Aqua Vase
blown glass
16" x 12"


Green Vase
blown glass
15" tall x 11" wide at mouth


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