LOWCOUNTRY    Art of South Carolina

Jane Spratt

Jane Spratt (collagist and painter) lives in upcountry South Carolina yet she insinuates the same simple themes of everyday life and sense of place as others artists in this show.  Spratt studied art, drawing, painting and photography at the Corcoran School and has participated in group and solo shows in South Carolina, Washington, Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Ivory and Aunt Bertha
collage & acrylic on paper
18" x 23"

Lilly Place
collage & oil on paper
30" x 34"

After Sunday Lunch

collage & acrylic on paper
17" x 17"


Linda's Introduction to Basketball

collage & acrylic on paper
15" x 18"


The Candy Store
collage & watercolor on paper
24" x 18"

The School Teacher
collage & acrylic on paper
22 x 15"

Tobacco Barn
collage & acrylic
20" x 18"



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