Roger Doyle


Rollin' Stack
66" x 17" x 17"
handle and wheels from old wagon, beadboard, plywood, posters, hi gloss, paint,etc


Rockin' Stack
74" x 17" x 17"
aluminum, tree branch, tree trunk, plywood, posters, hi gloss, base trim, paint, etc.

Tall and Happy Stack
11 feet x 17" x 17"
tree branches, bed post part, wooden shingles, plywood, dowels, posters, paint,etc

Diggin' Stack
65" x 17"x 17"
odd shovel, plywood, dowels, shelving board wood, posters, hi gloss, paint, etc.


Bird Stack
69" x 17"x 17"
corragaated steel,tree branches,alminum, plwood, base trim, posters, hi gloss, etc.

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