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Anne Bouie was born in Birmingham, Alabama; she grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, and was deeply affected by the beauty and culture she experienced during summers on her grandparentsí farm in Florida. Her family lived in six states and she had attended seven schools by the fifth grade before settling in Riverside, California, where she grew up, and eventually graduated from the University of California there. She left southern California and moved to the Bay Area to enter the graduate School of Education at Stanford University, where she earned a Ph.D. in Administration & Policy Analysis, a Masterís degree in Secondary Education, and a Masterís degree in African-American History.

Though highly trained in education and history, Anne Bouie is an artist in the naÔve tradition, and draws heavily upon pre-conversion indigenous cultures, which use art to heal, teach, and sustain meaning. The traditions of southern folk artists are also a source of inspiration. Her pivotal moment as an artist came while attending a meeting of the Black Artists of DC, who encouraged her to ďstop sitting on her ideas for art, and get busy doing it.  In 2006, her work was accepted in Found, an exhibit sponsored by BADC, and she had been working as an artist since then.  As a mixed media, assemblage artist, Ms. Bouie has exhibited at the Honfluer Gallery, Galarie Myrtis, the Nevin Kelly Gallery, Millennium Salon, and the D.C. Arts Center. She has also participated in exhibits in California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and India. She is a member of the Black Artists of D.C., the Millennium Arts Salon, Washington D.C. Friends of Brandywine, and the Womenís Caucus for the Arts, the Honfluer Gallery, the Washington Arts Project, and the Pen and Brush Gallery in New York.


Guardian's Staff (front and back)
Mortar, Reclaimed Foundry mold
84" x 14” x 14”

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Harvest Staff
(detail right)
Mixed media-botanicals, found object, purposed materials
9' x 14” x 14”

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Libation Urn (detail right)
Fiber, silk, and repurposed underground pipe
48Ē x 9" x 9" 

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