Richard Binder

I create vivid and dramatic metal sculptures from mild and stainless steel. My inspiration is the world and its beauty. My creative process begins with a cerebral concept. I close my eyes and visualize in 3-dimensions – and often in color. I transfer the image to a two-dimensional sketch to set the proportions. Next I either create a 3-dimensional model or go directly to working with the steel. I cut the steel sheets and may beat, etch, twist and size, followed by welding together the component pieces along the preconceived idea, sketch or model. Then I grind the edges and polish or paint the surface. Using this technique, I can create a 3-dimensional composition with vivid lines, curves, and edges – pieces that are brightly colored or have reflective surfaces. As one moves around a sculpture each view produces a different perspective. Negative space, positive space, angles and curves create the final composition and make it a thing of beauty, a thing of strength and a thing of permanence. As a medical oncologist who spent more than 40 years caring for patients, I have undergone a metamorphosis from caring to creating and have translated skills learned as an undergraduate in engineering school fabricating working manufacturing models from metals into creating abstract metal sculptures.