All the President’s Men and Women!

All The Presidents Men and Women!

Opening Receptions: Thursday February 17, 5-8 PM

Featuring Artists: Rachel Bohlander, Cheryl Elmo, Robert Merrill Gage, Philip Hazard, Bernie Houston, Mihira Karra, Joanathan Ribaillier, Gavin Sewell, Paula Stern, Marcie Wolff-Hubbard

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At 1111 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington DC 20004
*Masks required*









In celebration of President’s Day, we present to you an exhibition filled with creative passion of Presidents and all things Presidential. Cheryl Elmo’s bright watercolor portrait of those in the executive branch in contrast to Mihira Karra’s attention to detail in her fabric college of recent Presidents and First Ladies. Joanathan Ribaillier’s layered Michelin map cut outs of past presidents such as Lincoln compared to Robert Merrill Gage’s magnificent cast bronze of Lincoln face to scale which has an accompanying academy award winning short film made by the artist himself. Similarly, Paula Stern creates her own busts of famous leaders, one of them being former President Bill Clinton, in her own unique style. Icons that symbolize America and the executive branch like the Eagle are used by driftwood artist Bernie Houston and encaustic artist Marcie Wolff-Hubbard.