Escape by Bradley Stevens


oil on linen, 24” x 32” framed


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oil on linen, 24” x 32” framed

There are many reasons people go to art museums. One of them is to escape from the “real” world and the stresses of everyday life. Especially now with the constant drumbeat of bad news. [Symbolized by the man holding a folded-up newspaper]. I’m trying to convey the feeling of being alone in a room full of art. But is he really alone?

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, VA in the Paul and Bunny Mellon Collection of Small French paintings (L-R):

  1. Paul Gauguin, Still Life with Oysters, 1876,
  2. Alfred Sisley, The Watering Pond at Marly with Hoarfrost, 1876
  3. Camille Pissaro, Le Quai du Pothuis a Pontoise, 1872
  4. Alfred Sisley, Wildflowers, 1875
  5. Claude Monet, Camille at the Window, Argenteuil, 1873
  6. Claude Monet, Field of Poppies, 1885
  7. Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Pensive, 1875
  8. Aristide Maillol, Nymph, 1931 (sculpture)